Adult Basic Education Curriculum:

The Adult ESL Curriculum used at CLUES is based on proven methods and best practices in the field of adult basic education.  The overarching goal of our classes is to prepare our students to successfully navigate their daily lives in the United States.  To reach this goal our curriculum is structured to teach English language skills through the use of weekly themes focusing on basic American cultural knowledge. 

To view the curriculum online choose your class from the list below (links may not function when viewing online - try downloading):

  • Citizenship Curriculum

  • Computer Curriculum

  • English4Work Curriculum

  • To download the curriculum, choose your class from the list below (to access links hold down the "Ctrl" key while you click on the link): 

    Level 1_WinterSpring2020.docx Level 1_WinterSpring2020.docx
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    Level 2_WinterSpring2020.docx Level 2_WinterSpring2020.docx
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    Level 3_WinterSpring2020.docx Level 3_WinterSpring2020.docx
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    GED Curriculum_Fall 2019.docx GED Curriculum_Fall 2019.docx
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    CLUES Lesson Planning Forms

    Please use one of the lesson planning templates below to help you during the lesson planning process.  This will ensure that your lessons are well structured, effective.

    To download a lesson planning form, click on one of the links below:


      All questions, comments, and ideas regarding the Adult ESL Curriculum currently used at CLUES should be directed to Fidelity Goodlaxson, Educational Enrichment Services Manager, at