Below you will find multiple resources to aid you in your lesson planning.  Please remember that you can always ask your coordinators for help!

Resources and Activities for Low Literacy ESL Students: A guide with lots of information and activities to aid you in the classroom.
Digital Book Resource

Absolute Beginner English: A 20 point program for teaching absolute beginner students.

Teaching Low Level Adult ESL Learners: A very interesting article about how the adult learner acquires language and how to structure the classroom to meet their needs.

Volunteer Literacy: Find resources to support English Language Learners in the classroom

Comprehensible Classroom: Find articles with useful teaching tips, activities and games.

New American Horizons: Adult ESL Training Videos

Trauma-Informed Practices:
Trauma Impacts Adult Learners: Here's Why
Concept of Trauma and Guidance for Trauma-Informed Approach
Trauma and Learning: Impacts and Strategies for Adult Classroom Success
Other Resources from ABE Teaching & Learning Advancement System

Midterm Teacher Meetups:

March 2024 presentation / Google Doc
November 2023 presentation / Google Doc
June 2023
presentation / Google Doc
March 2023 presentation / Google Doc
November 2022 presentation / Google Doc
July 2022 presentation / Google Doc
March 2022 presentation / Google Doc

Spanish Club Materials/Language Tools: 

Lesson Planning Forms

Please use one of the lesson planning templates below to help you during the lesson planning process.  This will ensure that your lessons are well structured, effective. To download a lesson planning form, click on one of the links below:

Lesson Plan Template 1: Type in your notes and print (Word document)

Lesson Planning Posters:  Three posters to support you and give flexibility to your lesson plan (PDF document)

Lesson Plan Template 2: Print and fill in by hand (PDF document)